Mind Your Business

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0. unfortunately, not a lot of people even know what their business is!
1. Julia is my personal “business”  and I must make sure that business is healthy and profitable.
2. We live in a generation in which almost everyone is analysing everyone else’s condition and conviction even when their own business is unattended.
3. We want to get on blogs and read the latest gossip, argue the recent issues and mind every other business. Whereas, if our secret or personal lives are played on the screens, we most likely would be the bad news that gossip blogs crave!
4. We seriously need focus. The deliberate turning of our attention to what matters most to us.
5. What is going on in my own relationship?
6. Am I as in touch and connected with my partner as I am with my social media followers?
7. In the long run, who do I really have, you or Julia? You know the truth and the truth is that while I am called to you, she is my life. Without my life, what is my call?
8. Minding my business means taking the subject of my partner’s happiness and making it the priority of my choices and conduct.
9. Minding my business means that I am aware that it takes seed to get harvest, effort to get result and investment to get profit.
10. I need to spend time critically thinking and examining how I can be a better partner.
11. I need to review my performance through specific periods and make relevant adjustments.
12. I need to understand that my partner’s complains about me aren’t meant to meet the stiff wall of my prideful resistence but a considerate response that humbly consider their point and reflect on how to be different.
13. I need to accept that my partner is imperfect and would require my patience and understanding as we navigate through life.
14. I need to always be willing to learn new ways to make it work like taking refresher course and updating my “relational software”. Yes.
15. Above all, I need to stay humble in prayer, receiving grace to be the best man for her.
16. She is where I should succeed first before I succeed everywhere else.


Ocholi Okutepa  – #regrann 

Thought has life.

Choose your thoughts the way you choose your friends

Where do thoughts come from?

Thoughts come from nowhere and from everywhere! I think both contain an element of truth. Subjectively, our thoughts come from nowhere: they just pop into our heads, or emerge in the form of words leaving our mouths. Objectively, we can say that thoughts emerge from neural processes, and that neural processes come from everywhere. What I mean by this is that the forms and dynamics of thought are influenced by everything that has a causal connection with you, your society, and your species .. Yohan John

Our thoughts come from every interaction with the world, it has a magnetic impulse that just pick information from every source. Think about a monkey in a super market that just pick things jumping from one shelve to another, you are not even aware on that the monkey has picked. Likewise, our thoughts gets information from source we are not aware of.

Characteristics of our thought life

  1. Thoughts are made up of informations, experiences and beliefs. Things we hear, see, perceive, smell, feel, made believe, taste are what makes up thoughts.
  2. Thoughts can be created
  3. Thoughts responds to stimulus, there are certain acts, situation or thoughts that triggers our thoughts
  4. Thoughts can reproduce: Produce other thoughts or actions
  5. Thoughts grows
  6. Thoughts can influence your physical health
  7. Thoughts can make you happy or sad
  8. Thoughts can be accepted or ignored.
  9. Thoughts can die
  10. Thoughts are either healthy or unhealthy
  11. Thoughts has power to transform a man.

….. transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.

The way we think can affect the quality of our being.

Your thoughts make you the person you are. Proverbs 4:23 Easy to read.

This is to say that to determined the kind of life you want tomorrow is to. Consciously choose your thoughts today.

Thoughts should always be under your control, choose what you want to think and what you don’t want.

You mean so much to me